About Us

Peki Design Is an online jewelry store selling internationally worldwide which is  established in 2014 in Groningen, The Netherlands.

The designs are created in boho minimalist style that brings countless compliments to women who love to look beautiful, stylish and feel comfortable every day.

Most of our jewelry is made using the best quality materials such as Sterling silver 925, gold and rose gold plate on Silver 925, brass, copper and a variety of semi-precious stones. 

The Designer

Qëndresë is me the designer and creator behind Peki Design's work. 

I love drawing and designing on my free time when I get inspired. 
I get mostly inspired to designed from life, travelling, architecture and nature.

The Process

Often on a lovely sunny weekend whilst having a coffee, chatting with friends or just walking through streets I notice a shape, pattern or silhouette and that's when it all starts to form, I get an Idea and i start sketching then the process moves to the next faze of transforming those drawings to CAD designs. The CAD drawings are details with  specifications of size which helps me get a better picture of how the final product would look like.

The following step is the making of the mold and the sample, to ensure the best quality and pay attention to details and avoid production flaws.

And the final products are what you get, specially designed for you!