How to clean your silver jewelry at home with these 2 steps

As you already know Sterling silver jewellery oxidises with time and looks dull.

But there is a very easy way to clean the oxidation and bring back the shine to your jewellery.

With 2 easy methods, you can clean your jewellery at home with ingredients you probably already have at home, cool no?

Alright, let’s begin



What? Yes, that’s right, you read it well Toothpaste.

Simply rub toothpaste on the piece of jewellery you want to clean for a few minutes. You will notice your finger will get dark, that means the cleaning it working. Afterwards, rinse your jewellery with water and clean your hands. Pat dry the jewellery you just cleaned with a tissue or a hand towel.

NOTE:  If you have a bezel with a stone than please don’t apply the toothpaste on that area because the toothpaste gets stuck in small gaps and it’s very hard to remove it, plus it gives a dull unclean look. Instead, use the 2nd option to clean jewellery with bezels.

OPTION 2 (This is for jewellery that needs a deeper cleaning or for jewellery with bezels and stones)

Salt & Vinegar

For this method, you need a few things. A pan, a glass bowl preferably with a glass lid, a wooden spoon, salt and vinegar.

First, pour some water into the pan, then add the glass bowl on the pan. Add 3 cups of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of salt on the glass bowl and stir with the wooden spoon so the salt is diluted, then add the jewellery you want to clean in the glass bowl. Close the bowl with the lid. Place the pan with the bowl in it on top of the stove to cook.

Check in 15 minutes if the jewellery is clean,  if not leave them for a bit longer.

Once the jewellery is cleaned, rinse with water and pat dry with a tissue or a hand towel.

That’s it. simple to methods to clean your jewellery at home.

Hope this helped.